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Discover the heritage of Badami
Mystique by the Ganges
Share a meal with the divine Lord
Culinary delights of the dessert state
Andaman - Calling your feet
Galle - A Portuguese Outpost with a Story
Mount Everest from the air
Taking the spiritual trek – Bhutan

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from dnata!

The Indian subcontinent is in the middle of a hot summer, and yet exciting destinations remain open to the inquisitive traveler. Giving you a holiday with an experience to remember is what we at dnata always strive to offer and so, we bring to you carefully curated destinations from the subcontinent.

Badami, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the southern state of Karnataka is a great place to understand why three dynasties made it their own.

Varanasi, India’s holiest city by the Ganges, continues to fascinate and draw tourists from all over the world. It remains a spiritual capital with an emotional history. A great place to spend time.

Puri on the eastern coast of India is home to Lord Jagannath, and his kitchen is as interesting as the divinity of the Lord himself.

Rajasthan, India’s dessert state has nurtured its distinct range of cuisine. Beyond palaces and colorful camels, if food is your thing, then Rajasthan is where you should be heading.

Looking to cool-off in extended uncrowded beaches, Andaman & Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal is the place to be. If you are lucky, catch the monsoon by the beach..

The emerald island of Sri Lanka prides its fort in Galle. Discover the significance of the fort and hear fascinating stories of the three famous colonists who arrived there uninvited.

One of the most breathtaking sights is watching Mount Everest from the air and Kathmandu in Nepal is the place to begin the Himalayan experience.

There is intimidating awe watching the Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan from below. Get to Paro and begin the climb. It’s another life.

India and the subcontinent is a bundle of endless experiences, and each leaves you wanting more. At dnata, our dedicated team will keep digging out and bringing you the best holidays, as always.

Stay cheerful!

Preetham Kiron
Managing Director - dnata India

Discover the heritage glory of Badami   Mystique by the Ganges called Varanasi
What was the allure of Badami which drew the attention of three dynasties in different periods of history? Once a thriving town, popular for its rich heritage of literature, art, culture, and architecture, Badami today stands silent but continues to radiate the splendor of its glorious past dating back to the 6th century. Walking past the walls of history one can see why UNESCO has declared the red sandstone cave temples of Pattadakal and Aihole, World Heritage sites.
As you begin to feel the mystique sitting along the serene waters of the Ganges, reasons begin to unfold on why Varanasi became the cradle of the world’s oldest religion that continues to thrive through time. Along the Ganges, the Hindu mystical monks, pulsating evening chants, rhythmic beat of the drums, endless floating lamps, and mesmerized devotees, all unite for a spiritual experience of a lifetime. You don’t just visit Varanasi, you feel it.
In Puri, you can share a meal with the divine Lord   Culinary delights of the dessert state
Puri, the holy city on the east coast, is Lord Jagannath’s abode, and his daily feast shared with devotees who gather daily by the thousands, to pay their obeisance. Cooking for the Lord is a special privilege reserved for the select few who have the passion, art, skill, and devotion to creating a feast for the Lord. Each day, anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand devotees get to eat with the Lord. The exclusive spread is vegetarian and prepared without the usual spices, onions, garlic, potatoes or tomatoes. Its not food it’s a divine meal.
The dessert state of Rajasthan is known for its many colorful dimensions, but lesser known is the rich diversity of culinary experiences it offers. From urban spaces to the dessert, each region has its special flavors, and there are many. You could begin or end your gastronomic experience with a thick, creamy glass of lassi (yogurt shake). The main course almost always includes the distinct Dal Baati Churma (lentil soup served with hard cover wheat-bread balls soaked in clarified butter). Check out the Gatte-ki-Sabzi (spiced gram flour dumplings in thick gravy), and if you are a die-hard carnivore, then don’t miss the famous Rajasthani specialty – Lal Maas (delicate goat meat cooked in thick spicy gravy). A great ending to a mouthwatering experience is the sweet Paneer Ghevar (doesn’t need a description – just go for it!).
Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Calling your feet   Galle Fort in Sri Lanka - A Portuguese Outpost with a Story
Beaches deserve more than your time; they demand your feet kiss the sand as you take in the fresh fragrance of cool sea water. Life on a beach begins when time begins to stop, watching the endless flow of waves till eternity. Yes, that’s what God had in mind while conceiving Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Away from the Indian subcontinent, yet close enough to be called home, the islands are nature’s precious jewels in the Bay of Bengal. Come and discover life, all over again!
Galle, located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, finds mention in the trading maps of the Greek, Ptolemy (125-250 AD) but the famous Galle Fort came up in 1541 when the Portuguese arrived to trade. So why did they leave and choose Colombo? And what made them return? How did the Dutch take over the fort? And, why did the British attach so much importance to Galle Fort? The answers are what made UNSECO recognize Galle Fort as a World Heritage Site. Discover Galle – discover the Fort.
Climbing Mount Everest from the air   Taking the spiritual trek to Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan
Sir Edmund Hillary would be amused, and his fellow climber and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, would probably laugh at the prospect of flying over Mount Everest instead of experiencing the climb. Either way, there is no denying the magnificence and glory of Mount Everest, as it stands solitary and defiant, overlooking everything nature created. The snow clad peaks of the vast Himalayan ranges look dazzling from the air, and as you come closer to the most sought after sight – Mount Everest, it becomes a defining moment for many. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is where you have to take wings for an experience of a life time.
3120 meters above sea level, nestled precariously high up on a mountain ledge, sits one of Bhutan’s most spiritual monastery – the Taktsang Palphug or Paro Monastery. The isolation only adds to its mystique as it pulls you towards it and the only way to reach there is to trek up. One can choose any of the three trials that lead up, and each is a spiritual experience in itself. Hand-carved stone steps get you to access the eight ancient caves - each with its one significance and story. The international airport in Paro is the gateway to an unusual holiday.
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